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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cinderella's Castle

Ava absolutely loved the cake! It was beautiful. This was the perfect cake for her Cinderella Party. She was very excited to show the cake to everyone. She loved the Castle and the Carriage. She shared the mice with her friends, but she made sure she had the clock and the slipper with her slice of cake. It was really difficult to take that first cut into such a beautiful cake. delicious too. The cookies were awesome! She loved the castle in the background. She kept telling everyone that was a picture of Ava with her Castle. She had a great time with the cake. We reall But everyone really enjoyed the cake. As with all of your cakes it wasy appreciate all the hard work you put into creating the perfect cake for her. It really made her day special. Thank You So Very Much!!!!!
Valerie L. San Antonio, TX

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