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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Thank you so much! Once again you've out done yourself. My mother's cake was wonderful. She absolutely loved it. Everyone did. We just kept admiring it all afternoon. She really didn't want to cut into the label of the bottle, because she liked it so much. The cake was priceless. This day was so important to me. I wanted everything to be perfect for such a special lady. This was so much more than just a cake for us, It was a special gift. I can't thank you enough. I don't think she'll ever forget it. She showed me her little "I love Luz" gift pack that you made her about three times. She was so proud of it. This was only her 2ND birthday party ever in 50yrs of life. I know she enjoyed herself. For such a giving person, today was her day to receive. Thank you. You've done more than you know!
You will definitely see me again and soon.
Adrienne V. San Antonio, Tx



Thank you so much! For my beautiful birthday cake! I loved it! I just cannot express the excitement, love, and joy this beautiful birthday cake brought to me!!

You're awesome!! I also want to thank you for the gifts you made me (lifesaver matches, my book marker, notepad and CD cartridge) that was so sweet and thoughtful of you. I will treasure this memory forever.

Thank God for blessing you with such an awesome talent and for using your talent to bring joy and happiness to me on my special day!

Thanks again,

Luz F. San Antonio, Tx

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