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Monday, August 06, 2007

Lil Princess

Thank you so much! The cake was so beautiful! We loved it! We just can't believe how wonderful it turn out. Everyone loved the cake and it was really good too. You really make the best cakes. They are always beautiful and they always taste great.
The cookies were the best. The funny thing is everyone says they can't eat the cookie. They feel bad eating the cookie because it has a picture on it. When we were cutting the cake, they cake everyone was saying don't cut it, its way to pretty to eat. Some of our guests were saying that last year they put the cookie from my son's party on their Christmas tree as an ornament.
Everything was great. And we really appreciate how hard you must have worked on the cake. It was beautiful and it helped to make her first birthday very special.
Thank you Linda!
Valerie L. San Antonio, TX

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